Monday, February 18, 2013

No Grass-Fed Butter. Anywhere.

For the most part, I love where I live. Canada is a great country with so much to offer a person, and I am so incredibly fortunate to have grown up here. I am so blessed by this country!

However, on the Paleo side of it Canada is not perfect - I am not complaining because I do truly love it here, but unless you want to eat snow cones year round eating local and in season is practically impossible. This time of year, our (organic) produce comes from various states in the USA, and Mexico. If it didn't the only thing we would have is squash and maaaybe some root vegetables. Not much. On the upside, we have a lot of open fields where many of our cows roam and munch on grass all day long. I'm not sure where all that beef is distributed though. Hmm.....I should look into this more.

We are also apparently missing, Grass-Fed Butter. I have been keeping my eye out for it for quite a while now, and never have been able to find it. Today, I asked one of the guys at my little market if they had any to which he replied "Oh I wish! I have been looking for it everywhere! It appears there is none anywhere in Canada. I usually stock up on mine while in the states." I then imagined shipping grass-fed butter up here from the states...haha....that would be a disaster waiting to happen. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with my coconut oil and bacon fat. :)

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