Friday, February 1, 2013

13 Reasons I Love Paleo

1. Weight loss. Like nearly every other person in my generation, my weight has been an issue. When I went gluten free in 2010 I initially lost about 15 lbs, but after that I was at a standstill for a few years. When I cut grains out of my life I lost another 25.

2. No more counting calories! This is probably one of my favorite reasons for loving Paleo! Not only does counting calories cause irritation, but it can cause stress, irritation and anxiety when it comes to food. There were times where if I reached my calorie limit before the day was done I would be TERRIFIED to eat anything else - and if I did I would be afraid to the point of not eating for a day then binge eating like a shark on a feeding frenzy - only to be followed by hours and hours of intense exercise to compensate. Not only did I not loose weight while counting calories (except for the very brief time where I was still counting, but not eating grains) - but it had me on a dangerous road towards an eating disorder.

3. Not being afraid of fat! Before going Paleo I was on the conventional road of healthy eating - whole grains, and low fat dairy products. Being Paleo means getting to embrace the world of healthy fats, and since we were born to love the world of fatty foods like bacon, butter, and nuts...I can't help but love this.

4. Bacon! I know I talked about bacon in number 3 - but lets face it - getting to eat as much bacon as you want is an incredibly amazing reason to love paleo.

5. Clearer skin. I have never had a major problem with acne, but I always had odd bumpbs on my cheeks and arms. They are gone now, as is my skin is not patchy - I think I'm one of the only people in the world that doesn't have the need to wear foundation or coverup.

6. Better concentration. I always had SEVERE ADHD. It was so bad that I couldn't read until I was 11, had to go to a special school and never thought I'd be able to function in the real world. About a month after going Paleo I decided to take myself off my drugs and I didn't even blink. My family didn't even notice.

7. NO MORE DRUGS!! I don't need my Adderall anymore, which I am forever greatful for because  every time I would take it I would practically have to force feed it to myself - the fear the damage it was doing to my body was so intense.

8. No more typical woman roller coaster emotions. I've always hated the excuse of being a women as one to use for attitude, break downs and instability. Despite that, I often found myself struggling with my keeping my emotions in check beneath the surface. I rarely let people see it (except for my roommates/family...), but it was there. I can now happily say that I when people describe me the word "stable" often gets thrown in there - and I don't feel like its a lie!

9. More energy. I used to think I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome. Now I think that I simply suffered from chronic grain consumption.

10. Better Sleep - I used to suffer from insomnia. These days, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow - no problem.

11. Less Headaches. This is a little complicating, considering my health past. I have a brain condition that caused chronic headaches, but they are located in the back of my head, and the ones that stopped as soon as I stopped eating grains are located at the front of my head. I know they are caused by grains because every time I think to myself "Well, this doesn't have gluten in it - it can't be that bad!" And proceed to eat something filled with grains - I feel hungover the next day. Ew.

12. Not falling for consumer lies. Commercials, supposedly healthy, processed products simply have no power over me because I no longer believe that factories can make food better - that is natures job.

13. More Variety! When people hear that I don't eat dairy, grains, legumes or sugar they often get baffled and wonder what the heck is it I eat. Going paleo has opened an entire world of amazingly delicious food that I would have never discovered had I not gone Paleo.

This list  doesn't even begin to tell the story of how Paleo changed my life! I look forward to sharing it over time!

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