Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello Internet!

Okay - I admit it - I caved and am becoming one of those trendy health nuts (the amount of times people have referred to me as trendy, is a little bit concerning to me), who spends all their time blogging about healthy food instead of doing something more productive with their lives. Not that I have a problem with that,

This blog exists because of months of posting pictures of all my food on facebook, being asked repeatedly for recipes and as a result sending irritating facebook alerts to peoples phones, I have decided that yes it is a time to stop the insanity and just make peoples - and my - life easier! Sound good? I thought so!

But wait, you may ask, I havent seen you post food on facebook in at least a month - what is going on? Truth - I haven't - but I've certainly been busy cooking!

For those of you who either a) dont know me or b) dont pay attention to what I eat, here is a little information about my eating way of life!

I follow the Paleo Diet - which basically means if a ccaveman wouldn't have eaten it - neither will I. This means that all modern processed foods are a no go. This also includes all grains including wheat, corn, rice, rye, barley, refined sugars or processed dairy. I mean really people, do you think
Adam and Eve were chowing down on bowls of sticky rice - I don't think so.

Usually when I tell people I don't eat grains, sugar or dairy they go a little bug eyed and say "what exactly do you eat?!?!"

Eating only whole foods may sound very limiting, but in reality its not - you simply have to change the way you think about food. Yes, I limit myself to fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts and coconut - but what you can do with those things is absolutely extraordinary! Really people - and thats what I'm here to share you!

People often think that without grains, dairy or sugar that food gets boring or bland - and its my mission to share that having good health while still eating delicious food is possible! Of course there is a lot of why behind why I eat Paleo - the health benefits have been extraordinary for me, but I will save that for another post!

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